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Paracord is a nylon based all utility cord which is used by the military personnel as well as certain sections of the civilians such as adventure tourists etc. The use of this material is so versatile in nature that it could be used in countless circumstances where durability and strength is required and the volume of the material is at a minimum weight or size. We can always count on the paracord in all survival settings. One of the way to carry this utility cord is by wearing the bracelet which can even be a style statement worn over the wrist with some design to go with it. At the moment its services are required we just have to unravel the cord and release the length of the cord to use t in any way we feel.

Tying together a bag to some support, like a tree or a pole, tying your broken shoelaces or straps of your backpacks etc Paracord may be used to make excellent stylish creations such as bracelets, belts, watches, god collars, whips etc. So what are we waiting for!!! Order your life saving unit soon and be ready for any circumstances.

Paracord An Important Utility

Use of paracord

While we may imagine the various circumstances under which we may require a survival kit to improvise ourselves to attend to the safety aids, the following may be listed to give us an idea where we may require them :-

  • Make an emergency shelter. Tying the extended cord around trees or improvised stands, we can help erect a tent with cloth/plastic sheet etc
  • Hang anything for safety (like bags and other items)
  • Replace a broken shoelace – though it may appear simple, at times nothing as awkward as a broken shoelace and this can be immediately taken care of.
  • Create a clothesline
  • Secure a boat off a tree
  • Make a fishing net or fish trap (again for survival)
  • To haul timber
  • To tie things to the outside of the backpack
  • Makeshift belt
  • Create tripwire
  • To tie someone up
  • As a leash for pets
  • use as a self defense tool such as Monkey Fist

Now we can ourselves imagine what else we may require in certain emergency situations. So friends, before we regret about the unpreparedness why not acquire this small and easy survival kit in the form of a paracord bracelet along with our other necessary items? As the Chinese saying goes, "Dig a well before you are thirsty"!

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